2022 Great Plains Fire Summit Recordings

Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022

Prescribed Burn Association Updates

Fire in the Grassland Regions of North America

The Impact  of Prescribed Burn Associations 

Analysis of the Fall 2021-2022 NE Fire Season

2022 Fire Weather and Climate Update

Charlatans of the Great Plains Past and Present

Wed, Aug 24

A Ranchers Journey to Prescribed Fire

Fighting Fire with Fire: Coexisting with Fire in the Great Plains

Great Plains: NRCS Prescribed Fire Panel

A Future with Fire

Loess Canyons Biologically Unique Landscape Tour Primer

Breakout sessions

Patch Burn Grazing: 

Heterogeneity through pyric herbivory as the basis for rangeland conservation

Creating a Shifting Mosaic without Relying on Fire

Patch-burn grazing in southwestern North Dakota: assessing above and below ground ecosystem responses

Pyric Herbivory Effects on Rangeland Forage Quality and Avoided Grazable Areas 

A long term study of the impacts of patch-burn grazing with cattle (PBGC) as a prairie management tool on plant community response and vegetation structure response metrics in Missouri: Update on the first 5 years

Patch Burn Grazing in Below Rainfall Years 

Multi-Species pyric herbivory impacts on woody plant encroachment 

Room 2:

Development of a PBA

Prescribed Fire Lessons Learned

Prescribed Burning Communication Kit

Prescribed Fire Hurdles: Dealing with Naysayers in Land Management

Using Prescribed Fires to mitigate wildfires

Prescribed Fire Needs: Group Discussion 

Room 3:

Legal Reviews of Prescribed Burning Regulations

Wildland Fire and Smoke Management

Effects of prescribed burning on butterfly populations in Coastal South Texas

Forage or fuel? How climate shapes long-term fire- herbivore interactions in Great Plains grassland

Addressing eastern redcedar in the Nebraska Sandhills

Exploring effective detection of prickly pear cactus (Opuntia engelmannii) from airborne imagery before and after prescribed fires in the Edwards Plateau 

Safe Burning of Brush Piles: Roundable Discussion

Room 4: 

Burn Plan Writing Workshop 

Indian Nations Conservation Alliance

Prescribed burning across boundaries: lessons learned

Prescribed fire programs and resources from Texas

Compressed air foam for prescribed fire

Effects of fire on barbed wire and steel posts