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Carol Baldwin

Principal Investigator & Project Coordinator
Kansas State University

[email protected]


Lori Bammerlin

Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

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Co-Principal Investigators

Morgan Treadwell, Extension Range Specialist, Texas A&M University

Board of Directors

Pete Bauman, South Dakota State University Extension

Rich Bringelson, Loess Canyon Rangeland Alliance (LCRA)

Stephanie Manes, Common Ground Capital

Chuck Stanley, Range Management Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Dirac Twidwell, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lance Vermeire, Range Ecologist, USDA - Agriculture Research Services

John Weir, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University

Doug Whisenhunt, Ecological Site Spec. / Burn Spec., U.S. Department of Agriculture

Special Advisor

Sherry Leis, Heartland Network, National Park Service