Assistant Sustainable Lands Manager

September 18, 2022

Are you looking for work you can believe in? At TNC we strive to embody a philosophy of Work that You Can Believe in where you can feel like you are making a difference every day. The Assistant Sustainable Lands Manager also has the job of creating Work You Can Stomp Around in.

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Fuels Specialist

July 31, 2022
Fuels specialist
Kansas Forest Service
Manhattan, KS or negotiated (NE Kansas)
$47,000-$54,000 + benefits
Open until filled
Click here to apply
Position description attached.
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Poster Session-Great Plains Fire Summit

April 19, 2022

The Great Plains Fire Summit will host a poster session on August 24, 2022. Submission form can be found here.

Chair for the poster session is Dr.McGranahan

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Photo Contest- Great Plains Fire Summit

April 18, 2022

Please review the PDF for submission guidelines, categories, judging criteria and more. 

Deadline is August 1, 2022.

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Art Contest- Great Plains Fire Summit

April 18, 2022

Details for the art contest as well as submission form is in the attached PDF.

If you want to submit an art piece but are unable to attend the Fire Summit please email [email protected] 

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2015-09 First Approximation of Prescribed Fire Risks

February 24, 2022

Land managers and the public often have the perception that, although prescribed fire assists in management of fire-dependent landscapes, it presents greater risks than the use of other land management tools, such as mechanical removal. 

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Wyoming Partners Adopt a Statewide Prescribed Fire Council

January 1, 2019

Click here to read the news release about Wyoming Partners Adopt a Statewide Prescribed Fire Council.

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Has Fire Science Exchange funding made a difference?

October 24, 2017

The Fire Science Exchanges, including the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange, are being asked to provide evidence of their impact, and/or the impact of Joint Fire Science Program-funded science through “success stories.”

Funding for the JFSP, the organization that provides the grants under which the Fire Science Exchanges operate, has been cut by over half in the proposed new budget. 

While there seems to be a general consensus that the Fire Science Exchanges are doing good and important work, it is useful to have written examples when approaching government agencies for funding. 


Please take a few minutes to relate how Great Plains Fire Science Exchange, the Joint Fire Science Exchange, or any other Fire Science Exchange has made a difference. 

Your participation would be greatly appreciated. 

Please e-mail your story to Hannah Johlman
as soon as possible at [email protected].

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