Job Announcement: Supervisory Wildland Firefighter (Fire Management Officer)/ Jay, OK


Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire Management Officer) serving as project supervisor/base manager for wildland fire operations base in Jay, OK area creates, upholds and supports the values and culture of Chloeta. 



Class I, Full-time Employee


Reports to

Project Manager


Essential Functions

  • Completes reports for time and attendance, fire time, crew time, accident/injury, fire action, individual fire, training, fire replacement requisitions.
  • Serves as an instructor on Local and Regional training cadres providing expertise in wildland fire suppression.  
  • Sets priorities and directs the movement of personnel, equipment, supplies to respond to wildland fires.
  • Maintains daily records on the availability of Company resources for anticipated and unanticipated fire needs.
  • Represents Chloeta, as delegated, in meetings with Federal, state and local agencies for the purpose of planning response.
  • Performs wildfire suppression support as directed within training and physical and other duties as assigned.
  • Conducts reviews and analysis to measure the performance and safety of contract performance in addition to developing processes to maintain and improve performance of contracted resources.  
  • Prepares program-related correspondence, reports, and/or other written materials regarding Company wildland fire policies, and/or operations.
  • Oversees staffing and performance of personnel on a variety of contracts while adhering to applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.
  • Monitors contracts and ensures invoicing and payment documents are completed accurately and consistently.
  • Recruits and mentors personnel with to develop skilled and qualified individuals for current and future contract staffing needs.  
  • Utilizes wildland fire behavior knowledge and firefighting experience and assigns missions to ground and aviation wildland fire suppression resources.
  • Responsible for the on-the-job safety and health of all employees supervised.
  • Performs outreach and recruitment activities. Provide instruction to students to prepare applications, with feedback, for seasonal and permanent fire positions with the Company.  
  • Assists in developing and revising Company annual operating plans, annual budget requests, the fire management plan and operating procedures pertaining to wildland fire suppression and prescribed fire.
  • Provides technical and administrative supervision to all assigned personnel.  
  • Performs, and supervises employees in: preparedness, resource mobilization, prescribed fire, aviation operations, and training programs.
  • Ensures preparedness of wildland fire suppression equipment and personnel at all times.
  • Coordinates with interagency dispatch centers regarding current available resources, release of resources, and other logistical considerations.


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