Job Announcement: Rangeland Management Specialist (2 positions) Elkhart, KS and Springfield, CO

This position is on the Pike & San Isabel National Forests and Cimarron & Comanche National Grasslands (PSICC), at either the Cimarron or Comanche National Grasslands. The position serves as a fully operating rangeland management specialist assisting in administering an ecosystem based rangeland and weed management program and related resource coordination. Between the two Grasslands, we administer five Grazing Agreements, manage grazing on more than 200 allotments, and work with over 200 producers.  The position requires full coordination and interaction with other resources on the district, state agencies, and other federal agencies.  Responsibilities include permit administration, rangeland monitoring and analysis, management planning, management of the district INFRA program, and design/implementation of range and watershed improvement projects.


Monitors, gathers, analyzes, interprets and evaluates data. Participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of rangeland projects including determining the need for plant community and watershed improvements. Prepares livestock management plans, determines location and proper stocking and locates, prescribes, designs, and schedules rangeland improvement projects such as fences, pipelines, cattle guards, plant community changes, or prescribed burning. Maintains continuing liaison with permittees, affected groups and others to ensure compliance with agreed upon plans and desired quality of work, and to advise rangeland users of various activities affecting their use of specific rangeland areas. Assists in the administration of grazing permits by consulting, coordinating and cooperating with permittees and other rangeland users.  Administers the invasives program on the Grassland. 

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