Job Announcement: District Fire Management Officer for USDA Forest Service/ Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands

The USDA Forest Service, Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands, Bessey and Pine Ridge Districts are seeking interest for two District Fire Management Officers, GS-0301-9/11that will be hired in the near future. One duty station will be in Chadron (Pine Ridge RD) and the other in Halsey (Bessey RD), Nebraska.This is a pre-announcement outreach for the permanent positions and will be filled under Open Continuous Register 21-FIRE-R2OCR-DZFMOM-911DH.
This is a pre-announcement outreach for the permanent positions and will be filled under Open Continuous Register 21-FIRE-R2OCR-DZFMOM-911DH.
If you are interested in either of these positions and enjoy working in a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding environment, please complete and email the attached Outreach Response to the email address listed below. Questions about the position or local area can also be directed to the listed contact. Transfer of station (TOS) will be authorized for this position. Applicants are encouraged to update their resumes, gather required documentation such as IQCS master record, and create/update their USAJOBS profile now since the position will only be open for approximately fourteen days. Applicants that complete the outreach response will be notified when the position is open.
Description of duties associated with this position
The District Fire Management Officer (DFMO) is a key position that leads the district’s fire and fuels organization, which are the bread-and-butter targets for the NNFG. The DFMO plays an important role as a member of the district leadership team supporting overall district operations including potential roles as acting district ranger. The DFMO is responsible for all aspects (personnel, safety, budget, planning etc.) of prevention, pre-suppression, detection, suppression and fuels programs and personnel, and takes an active role building and maintaining positive relationships with local partners and cooperators.
Qualification Requirements
This position is categorized as a Moderate Complexity District/Zone Fire Management Officer position that is subject to the Forest Service Fire Program Management (FS-FPM) Standard and Guide, as designated by the W.O. Fire and Aviation Management. The FS-FPM minimum qualification standards (MQS) for this position must be met prior to entrance into the position as a condition of hire. Refer to the Forest Service FS-FPM Standard Position Description Crosswalk for a full description of the MQS.WORK CAPACITY TEST (WCT) for Wildland Firefighters: This position participates in wildland firefighting activities.
Based on the type of work performed, TAKING and PASSING the WCT at the ARDUOUS level is a “condition of employment.” The Arduous fitness (Pack) test requires completing a three (3) mile hike within forty-five (45) minutes, while carrying a forty-five (45) pound pack. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your physician and begin training immediately if applying for this position. This announcement constitutes the required 30 days advanced notice for testing requirements.
In accordance with USDA Department Regulation 4430-792-2, this position is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) under the USDA Drug Free Workplace Program and subject to pre-employment drug testing. All applicants selected for this position will be required to submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment. Incumbents of this position will be required to submit to a urinalysis on an ongoing random basis, after appointment as directed. Minimum Qualification Standards for Moderate Complexity: Primary Core Requirement:Pathway 1: TFLD and ICT3 or RXB2, and M-581 Pathway 2: HEB1 and ICT3 and M-581
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